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Alpbach, Austria
End of August/ Beginning of September 2023

Scholarship Programme

Every year, the Club Alpbach Tyrol awards scholarships to young, proactive, open-minded and inquisitive people to participate in the European Forum Alpbach (EFA). Everyone under the age of 30 can apply – neither a Higher School Certificate (e.g. Matura, Abitur, A levels) nor a university degree are required! A first-time scholarship is endowed with 2,500 euro and includes accommodation directly in Alpbach as well as a ticket for the entire European Forum Alpbach. Additionally, financial support can be provided by us if necessary. In this regard, a special thanks goes out to our sponsors and partners who provide us with funding and support.

Social commitment, proactivity and the promotion of diversity matters to us and our values. This is why we encourage people of all fields of expertise and studies, the LGBTQIA+ community, socioculturally diverse and underprivileged backgrounds in particular to apply for our scholarships.

Scholarships of the Club Alpbach Tyrol

  • Participation in the European Forum Alpbach (19/8-2/9/2023)
  • Accommodation in Alpbach
  • Additional events hosted and support provided by members of the Club Alpbach Tirol
  • Fireside chats with interesting personalities
  • Membership of the Club Alpbach Tyrol
  • Alumni network and events all year long
  • Opportunity to get actively involved in our club and at the EFA


Requirements for First-Time Scholarship Holders

  • You are between 18 (as of 20/8/2022) and 30 years old (as of 2/9/2022).
  • A close connection to Tyrol: working or studying, having lived in the Tyrol for a longer period of time, being born or raised in Tyrol
  • Complete application: online form, CV, your piece of creative work, proof of your connection to Tyrol
  • Participation in the entire EFA required (exceptions may apply)
  • Participation at our scholarship award ceremony and our preparatory events (exceptions may apply)
  • Writing a text (300 to 500 words) for our annual report

Application First time scholarship

Unfortunately, the application period is over! Our club has received very promising applications, which we will evaluate in the near future.

Already in advance we would like to point out our scholarship celebration will take place on Friday, June 09, 2023.

Applications for a scholarship at Club Alpbach Tyrol will be possible again in spring 2024.


Even after participating in the European Forum Alpbach as a first-time scholarship holder, Club Alpbach Tirol members can still participate in the Forum – as a returner! Below you will find more information about this.

What does it mean to be a Returner?

Returners are Club members who have already participated in the European Forum Alpbach through a scholarship and have since become alumni of Club Alpbach Tirol. They receive discounted tickets for the European Forum Alpbach or part of the Forum (200€ per module, see below) and are accommodated in Club Alpbach Tirol’s accommodation. Beds and tickets are paid by the returnees themselves.

Requirements for Returner

Club Alpbach Tirol members (club fee paid until 9.6.2022, contact [email protected] if needed)
maximum 35 years old
in case of high demand returnees are preferred who (want to) actively participate in the club or at the EFA
write a contribution (300-500 words) for the annual report

If you do not qualify as a returner, we would still be happy to see you as a regular participant at the Forum (without discounted tickets). If there are still places available in our accommodation, you can stay with us.

Scholarship value

EFA 2023

European Forum Alpbach

Since 1945, the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) takes place every summer in Alpbach, a small mountain village in the Austrian province of Tyrol at the heart of Europe. Around 500 young people from more than 90 countries flock to the Forum to become part of a unique community, come up with original ideas, lead critical debates and make lasting friendships. During the two weeks of the EFA, our scholarship holders will have the opportunity to network, take part in a variety of seminars and workshops, broaden their horizon and pave the way for new projects and possibilities. Together with the Club Alpbach Tyrol’s board members, our alumni and other participants, we will guide our scholarship holders through the exciting time of the Forum and help them make the most of their experience. The motto is, “Alpbach is what you make of it!”


Detailed information on the programme of the European Forum Alpbach will be published on the Forum’s website as soon as it is generally available. Follow us and the Forum on social media to not miss any updates!

About us

Club Alpbach Tirol

We, the Club Alpbach Tirol, belong to the Forum Alpbach Network ( ). As such, we play an active part in the conception of the programme of the European Forum Alpbach, award scholarships for the Forum and host a variety of events all year round. We were founded in 1999 and celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2019.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners, we can enable students and young professionals with a strong connection to Tyrol to participate in the European Forum Alpbach. Taking part in the European Forum Alpbach is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. We are happy to welcome new members to our community and share this experience with them.

If you want to feel some of the so-called Alpbach spirit and delve deeper into the world of the Club Alpbach Tirol and the European Forum Alpbach, flick through our annual reports from 2019 and 2020 (available for download). You want a physical copy? Contact us: [email protected]!


Bylaws form the foundation of every association and lay down the legal framework for its activities. As transparency matters to us, our bylaws are available for everyone online. You can download the bylaws of the Club Alpbach Tirol (in German) as a PDF here.

Vision, Mission & Purpose

Purpose: support young people’s personal and professional growth to support their diverse ideas and initiatives for a common future

Our common future should be in everyone’s hands. Young people with diverse ideas and a strong desire to bring about sustainable change need an interdisciplinary, strong network that gives them support, enables them to participate in the discourse, and supports them in taking concrete steps forward.

Vision: a network of critical voices who inspire sustainable, diverse change

A just Europe, working for human rights and a sustainable world. As part of a diverse network and platform for critical voices that bring about systemic change, we are a starting point for a just future.

Mission: give young, proactive people the means and network to grow and act together

We as Club Alpbach Tirol enable young, committed people as members of an international, inclusive network to participate in the European discourse, to critically examine current issues and to help shape our common future through our club activities and participation in the European Forum Alpbach.

Our Values


means two things to us at Club Alpbach Tirol. On the one hand, engagement stands for the proactive commitment of our members in the Club, at the European Forum Alpbach and beyond. On the other hand, engagement for us means supporting the club members in implementing their ideas.


for Club Alpbach Tirol is the ability to think out-of-the-box. It enables one to adopt new perspectives and give authentic expression to individual ways of thinking. This expression can take place in a wide variety of creative ways. This aspect takes on central importance in the application process of our scholarship campaign in the form of creative works.


at Club Alpbach Tirol stands for the coming together of and the promotion of exchange between people of the most diverse backgrounds and orientations. We consider it the cornerstone of a functioning society and an opportunity for the future, which is why we are committed to diversity at the European Forum Alpbach and beyond.


for Club Alpbach Tirol means prioritizing ecological aspects in a wide variety of areas on the one hand and ongoing social cohesion based on fair economic conditions on the other. This sometimes means that we as a club are committed to the critical exchange on climate policy issues at the European Forum Alpbach and to the concrete implementation of corresponding measures.


For Club Alpbach Tirol, pluralism means taking other opinions seriously, dealing with divergent points of view and reconsidering one’s own positions under certain circumstances. In doing so, we also actively strive to represent different perspectives in order to make pluralistic discussion possible in the first place. We live pluralism by creating discussion spaces (fireside chats, panel discussions, political regulars’ tables) and critical participation in the European Forum Alpbach.Diskussionsräumen (Kamingespräche, Podiumsdiskussionen, Politische Stammtische) und die kritische Teilnahme am Europäischen Forum Alpbach.


means for Club Alpbach Tirol both the cohesion in our Club and in the Forum Alpbach Network as well as standing up for all other individuals and associations who share our values and goals. Solidarity is shown by all those who uphold the values of the Club through their actions, contribute to the achievement of our vision and especially enable those to participate in our community and the European Forum Alpbach who face particular hurdles.


in technical and professional terms, personal growth, learning together and openness – this is what we at Club Alpbach Tirol stand for. In keeping with the Alpbach Spirit, we work as part of an international, interdisciplinary network to promote interpersonal and professional exchange.



Membership fee

Our Partners of the last Years


Good to know

How is it decided which applicants receive a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach?

The decision for each individual applicant is made unanimously by the entire board team of Club Alpbach Tirol in the course of a selection process lasting several days.  The application deadline is 31 March of the same year, a final and complete decision is usually made by the end of April.

How do you guarantee an unbiased selection process?

In order to guarantee impartiality, each board member undertakes to declare possible acquaintances or relatives with applicants during the selection process. Special attention will be paid to these cases when evaluating the points so that every application gets a fair chance.

What does the scholarship cover?

The value of the scholarship is currently €1,850, which includes the participation fees for the entire Forum, i.e. both the seminar week and the talks that take place afterwards. It also includes accommodation in one of the two guest houses we rent for the duration of the EFA, which are located directly in the centre of Alpbach. Accommodation is usually in double rooms.

Are you allowed to reapply if you have been rejected once?

You are warmly welcomed to reapply if you were rejected in the previous year. As the number of applications varies from year to year and the CV evolves, we re-evaluate the application every year.

CAT Netiquette

Digital CAT Events

Our Values

We ask the participants of digital events of the Club Alpbach Tirol to respect each other and to observe the following values: Club Alpbach Tirol is an independent and non-partisan organisation that promotes tolerance, openness and diversity. It strives to spread enthusiasm and commitment for contemporary causes and to strengthen social cohesion and critical dialogue. Like the European Forum Alpbach, we work on the basis of facts and conduct our debates in a climate of tolerance, respecting opposing views provided they are not harmful or hurtful to others.

Club Alpbach Tyrol aims to:

  • Promote education, research and development;
  • create space for creativity, art, interdisciplinarity and inclusion
    support the culture of independent action
    promote critical and intergenerational dialogue;

support young professionals and students by providing a space for networking and discussion.

We ask you to keep these goals in mind when interacting with other participants online.

Behind every name is a person
In cyberspace, it is often forgotten that behind every participant is a person.

  • Please respect what other participants write in the chat or what they contribute to the discussion.
  • Ask other participants for clarification if you find a contribution to the discussion offensive or difficult to understand.
  • Avoid sweeping generalisations. Back up your opinions with facts and reliable sources.
  • Please understand that we can disagree and that engaging with the opinions of others is part of the learning experience.
  • Be respectful of each other. We are all in the same boat. Before posting a comment, ask yourself if you would be willing to say the same comment to another person’s face.
  • Remember that everything you write, even every mouse click, is recorded on the network server. There is no take-back on the internet.
  • Remember that you are participating in an online event. What would be inappropriate at a traditional, face-to-face event is also inappropriate at an online event.



  • Be aware that typing in capital letters is a sign of shouting.
  • Be careful with humour and sarcasm. Both can easily be misunderstood!
  • Check all discussion posts before writing your own post to avoid redundancy.
  • Check your writing for errors by reviewing what you have written before submitting.
  • Acronyms (LOL etc.) and emoticons (smilies) are often used online – be careful not to overuse them, but they can also help to add nuance to what you are trying to say.
  • Do not post or share content that would be considered inappropriate by common sense.

Club Alpbach Tirol reserves the right to mute a participant or exclude them from participating in the online event in serious cases if this is necessary.

If you feel you have been the subject of an online attack or unfair behaviour, please feel free to contact the board: [email protected]


Apply for our newsletter to stay up to date about the Club Alpbach Tirol:


Club Alpbach Tirol c/o Universität Innsbruck
Innrain 52c, Josef-Möller-Haus
6020 Innsbruck
[email protected]

Bank Details

Tiroler Sparkasse Bank AG
IBAN: AT882050303300339946


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